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Receive notifications through email or webhooks as changes happen on the RSI website.

How it works

The RSI website will be crawled periodically to check for updates and notifications will be sent out to you through emails or webhook messages direct to your channel.

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Tracked changes

Various locations including the RSI website are tracked.

  • Comm-Link
  • Dev Tracker (Threads and Replies)
  • Store (Game packages, Ships and Extras)
  • Ship upgrades
  • Merchandise
  • Knowledge Base
  • Reddit (r/starcitizen)

Contact Us

If you have any questions, issues, comments or suggestions you can contact us.

Email: [email protected]
Discord: Join our server


Tracker SC supports various platforms to deliver your notifications. Each layout is optimized to show properly on their respective screens. Layouts will scale and conform to both desktop and mobile platforms intuitively.


You can receive notifications straight into your inbox.


Webhooks are supported and can be used to receive notifications in a Discord channel of your choice.


Webhooks are also supported by Guilded. It works exactly the same way as Discord. Receive notifications in any channel of your choice.